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2018 Patriots Youth Football Board of Directors
Posted Jul 8, 2013




  • Heidi FitzGerald- Co-President
  • Don Demar- Co-President
  • Laura Bellack- Secretary
  • Chasity Fagnant- Co-Treasurer/Hyde Park Town Rep
  • Jennifer Whitecrane- Co-Treasurer/Eden Town Rep
  • April Still- Board Member
  • David McAllister- Board Member
  • Jeff Still - Board Member
  • George Wimble - Board Member
  • Michelle Sheehan - Member at Large/Fairfax Town Rep
  • Fran Conlon- Board Member
  • Major Munson- Board Member 
  • Deb Morin- Board Member
  • Crystal Peno- Board Member/Fletcher Town Rep.


PYF Bylaws
Posted Jul 8, 2013

Patriots Youth Football, Inc. was formed in 2003. The bylaws for the organization can be viewed here PYF Bylaws1.pdf.